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Data preparation

Employee Safety Training
We attach great importance to employee security awareness and education, and regularly carry out security training and awareness activities to ensure that employees understand best security practices and ways to deal with security threats.

These trainings cover data protection, password security, identifying social engineering attacks, reporting security incidents, and more. We encourage employee participation and provide channels for them to report any safety concerns or suggest improvements.

Compliance and Certification
We strive to comply with applicable regulatory and compliance requirements and continually improve our security practices to meet changing security standards.

Our data centers and service infrastructure comply with the ISO 27001 information security management system standard and have obtained relevant certifications. This ensures that we take strict security measures in terms of data storage, processing and transmission.

In addition, we conduct regular third-party security audits and audits to verify the effectiveness and compliance of our security measures.

According to the description, in terms of physical security, the workplace is strictly controlled and monitored using access cards and access logs. Data centers are protected from physical and virtual attacks, including two-factor authentication and strict access controls. In terms of network security, multi-layer protection and defense mechanisms are adopted, including firewalls, network redundancy and DDoS

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