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Programme features

No need to download and install, no need to register, just go away after use, save traffic, and do not occupy mobile phone memory. It can be used across platforms, and the development cost is low. Fast opening speed, close to native APP

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low development cost

The development cost of a small program is directly proportional to the number of functions and pages. If there are not many small program functions to be developed, the development cost will naturally be low

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Easy to promote

The mini program has more than 1.2 billion WeChat users simultaneously, the user activity and drainage effect are better, and the mini program has more entrances, which is more convenient for users to share

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Short development cycle

The small program is developed based on H5 technology, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other front-end technologies, and the API call provided by WeChat greatly shortens the development cycle

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No need to download and install

Just search for the applet you want, you can use it immediately, no need to download and install, just call it, occupying negligible space

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Second touch

Developers can use the "subscription news, my-mini-program" modules, historical orders, home page sidebar and other fixed entrances provided by the platform to effectively help merchants to make secondary contacts

Requirement Scenarios

No need for bulky apps, just simple and more economical products; service industry, take advantage of WeChat's huge user base; only used in China; launch products quickly

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no app required

WeChat has a huge user base, with more than 1.2 billion monthly active users. Such a huge traffic can help businesses better reach and attract potential customers

Use WeChat traffic icon
Use WeChat traffic

WeChat has a huge user base, with more than 1.2 billion monthly active users. Such a huge traffic can help businesses better reach and attract potential customers

Quick launch icon
Quick launch

The company controls capital expenditures, contracts application testing functions to third parties, and focuses on core function development.

domestic use icon
domestic use

If the merchant's main target users are within China, choosing a WeChat Mini Program may be a better choice. The WeChat platform has a huge user base.

Case Sharing

Small program developmentquotation

The following prices are the minimum base cost, the specific cost of the project needs to be calculated in conjunction with the actual project and price concessions

Note: For a more detailed quote please Contact Customer Service
sports event Standard Edition /$ instructions
Official website applet 2299 The content is the same as the s..
Marketing applet 3599 Including marketing, appointment..
E-commerce applet 4899 Including e-commerce, distributi..
store applet 4699 Including catering, stores, and ..
custom applet 8888 The lowest price, the actual pro..

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