Official account agent operationprogramme

Provide content operation, WeChat SEO services, provide feasibility assessment and planning for corporate needs, and build corporate brand image.

Programme features

Based on corporate brand value, carry out content marketing to increase user interaction and conversion

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Based on brand operation

Brand is the soul, formulate a content strategy that meets the needs of the target audience and brand positioning, publish it at a certain frequency (not as many as possible), and interact with users.

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Multi-Strategy SEO

On the basis of original high-quality articles, optimize article titles, abstracts, pictures and content, and improve users' reading experience and forwarding willingness

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data analysis

Through data analysis, constantly adjust content operation ideas, improve marketing strategies, and increase brand user viscosity and influence on WeChat

Requirement Scenarios

Firmly believe that the WeChat public account platform is still the outlet, and can create brand value for enterprises and individuals on the platform

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no team

If the enterprise/company does not have a dedicated official account operation team or the operators have limited energy and cannot carry out daily official account operations, we can do it for you

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high cost

Enterprises/units specially set up department personnel to handle official accounts, and the cost is indeed a bit high. And with training and internships, the cycle is longer. At this time, you can completely leave the matter to a professional company.

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Adhere to value transmission

It is necessary to create more attractive content, interact with users, and promote the conversion of articles, so as to generate brand value for enterprises/units. we can do it

Case Sharing

Official account agent operationquotation

The following prices are the minimum base cost, the specific cost of the project needs to be calculated in conjunction with the actual project and price concessions

Note: For a more detailed quote please Contact Customer Service
sports event Standard Edition /$ instructions
Standard official account operation 800 4 articles per month, 1 article ..
High-frequency official account operation 1500 8 articles per month, 2 articles..

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