one page marketingprogramme

Single customized/semi-customized marketing pages carefully arranged including event pages, SEM advertising landing pages, e-commerce landing pages, H5 marketing activities, H5 interactive games, etc.

Programme features

Carefully designed, interlocking, grasping the user's desire to promote transformation

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simple and fast

Use the ready-made templates to quickly build a one-page marketing plan, simply replace the target, and monitor the implementation effect. If a more precise commercial landing plan is required, we provide shooting and video equipment to assist enterprises.

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massive plan

You can choose and switch among various schemes. Choose a plan in advance, check the data effect afterwards, interact with users, and gain followers. The landing page also has a variety of plans, and we will choose the most suitable plan according to the actual situation of the enterprise.

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Strong conversion

An excellent landing page/landing page firmly grasps the user's eyeballs and consumption desires, draws users closer through well-designed visuals and copywriting, and finally promotes action transformation to achieve our goal

Requirement Scenarios

You need to rely on popular products to attract a group of fans, and you can consider strong single-page marketing when promoting your corporate brand and word-of-mouth

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special promotion

To create specific promotions or product promotions, business units can create a dedicated single page to provide a centralized and immersive experience

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Product preview reservation

When an enterprise is preparing to launch a new product or service, the marketing page can be used for preview and reservation, and can collect users' reservation intentions to prepare for product release

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attract new users

Landing pages can be used to attract new users and introduce them to a business' products and services, helping build trust and prompt new users to make their first purchase or sign up

Case Sharing

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The following prices are the minimum base cost, the specific cost of the project needs to be calculated in conjunction with the actual project and price concessions

Note: For a more detailed quote please Contact Customer Service
sports event Standard Edition /$ instructions
web page 900 Conceive and design pages accord..
Activity Sheet 300 Including fun activities, user e..

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