Platform Advantages

One-stop development services

The company offers integrated development, testing and marketing services. The rich ladder of services brings higher development quality and better service experience.

Perfect content marketing system

From the enterprise official website, micro official website, small program construction to website SEO, public number on behalf of the operation, landing page, activity page production, for enterprises to build a 360-degree matrix network marketing services.

extensive practical experience

The company's developers have an average of more than 8 years of experience, and they are familiar with development and can avoid various pitfalls to make the product more successful.

What can we bring to the table?

  • Save money for our clients and spend the least amount of money on the most professional things
  • Provide professional content planning and creation
  • Enhance corporate brand awareness and build a professional image
  • Can improve the sales effect of enterprise products and increase sales opportunities
  • Join the deep IT project partnership system, risk sharing, benefit sharing

Mode of co-operation

Offers companies a variety of ways to work together, from full-service marketing to customisation to project partnerships



contract signing


Progress communication


Product Testing


Operational delivery


The following prices are the minimum base cost, the specific cost of the project needs to be calculated in conjunction with the actual project and price concessions

Note: For more and more detailed offers please Contact Customer Service
offerings Basic Edition /$ instructions
Standard official website construction 2599 Including pc, h5 and applets
Official website applet 2299 The content is the same as the standard official website
Standard whole site SEO 1200 6 articles per month, at least 3 months, and it usually takes half a year to reach the homepage of keywords. Focus on quality over quantity
Standard official account operation 800 4 articles per month, 1 article per week. Collect materials, organize materials, and produce original articles according to the characteristics of the company's industry and company development, with detailed content and close to the actual requirements of the company
web page 900 Conceive and design pages according to requirements, content creation, testing, online, data collection, statistics