IT partner system

The project entrusting party incubates in the early stage, the technical party verifies the feasibility of the project, introduces capital PE, and jointly builds the IT project partner system


IT project partner system


Entrepreneurial projects, using the minimum risk to obtain the maximum benefit

Cooperate with each other, give full play to complementary advantages, and be satisfied with the results



1.  IT projects are naturally suitable for the partner system The feature is short, flat and fast, and the project cycle is small. The super iterative speed of the Internet/Internet of Things provides many opportunities. If one fails, immediately proceed to the next one for quick verification. This is why the Internet is in full swing.

2.  More flexible than the Vanke business partner system

You can withdraw and transfer halfway. For the entrusting party, it can start from entrusted development, degenerate into a BPO (full case outsourcing) system or upgrade to a project partner system at a certain stage in the middle, which can be combined or dismantled, can be upgraded or downgraded, and has little constraints

High participation, you can participate as a general partner or as a limited partner, only enjoy investment income, flexible control< /p>

3. High growth For real estate projects, completion of delivery to third parties entails the closing of the partnership. However, for light assets such as IT projects, there are infinite possibilities after the results are verified to be feasible. The best result is to continue to grow stronger and bigger, and public financing and listing. The worst is to break up and share the money. For heavy assets, what the partnership completes is delivery to others. For the IT industry, it is their own business.

4. Triple-win situation

a. For the project initiator or entrusting party (former Party A): Because With the participation of investors, the entrusting party reduces the pressure on project funds, and the project can go further; If the technical contractor joins the partnership system, it will increase the enthusiasm for project operation, achieve faster iteration of products, and be more responsible. For the client, on the one hand It is very cost-effective to get the guidance of the investor's project investment experience and the blessing of the technical side's operation experience on the other hand.

b. For investors/PE The purpose of the investor is to make a profit. After joining the partnership system, you will get more project resources, improve the speed and efficiency of capital operation, and accelerate output.

c. For the technical party (Party B) Technical contractors will get investment opportunities and work together with the entrusting party. Moreover, it will strengthen the strength of the development team, reuse technical resources, and accelerate growth.


1.  Technology is under greater pressure From a technical part-time job to a technical partner, take more risks, and of course you may get more benefits.

2.  Whether the shareholders can cooperate smoothly is the test Test the tacit cooperation between each other and how to resolve disputes.

The key to the partnership system is people and their trust. If you plot against each other and stick to what you see, the execution plan may end up going bankrupt. Therefore, when the system is established and finally implemented, we must trust the professional team, the executors will do their own work, and the investors will do their best to invest. Everyone has a clear division of labor.

If there is a mediator in the execution, it can also play a moderating role among shareholders


Conditions for establishment of partnership system

1.  Two or more entities or natural persons are required to participate First, the project client/sponsor Must participate as a founder, the remaining two can choose to participate or give up. If the technical contractor quits, then for them, fall back to BPO one-stop outsourcing.

2.  Scientific partnership system Entrust professional lawyers to handle equity disputes. Professionals do professional things. After making a decision, let the team implement it, let the data assist the decision-making, and resolutely do not interfere with the team's specific implementation. In this respect, PE can play its role in many Experience in investment projects, investment partnership projects are better carried out.


equity distribution

The project sponsor invests in the project and capital as shares in the partnership project, the technical party invests in technology, the investor invests in capital as a share, and the project entrusting party As a sponsor, you can properly match the proportion to maintain the operation of the project.


1. What should I do if the project fails? Investing can either succeed or fail , since everyone is an investment community, they all need to bear the consequences of failure. But don't be discouraged, stay optimistic, victory is always ahead.



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